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Engineered to improve the environment

Valley Green Fuels is an innovative renewable fuels company leveraging 150+ years of cumulative experience in the transportation fuels industry to produce and distribute new, low carbon fuels solutions.

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Valley Green Fuels

Valley Green Fuels is developing a renewable Diesel facility  located in rural Kern County, CA. The facility has a planned capacity of 15 thousand barrels per day (kbd) which is 230 Million Gallons per Year of feedstock, producing Renewable Diesel and Renewable Naphtha. The plant can also produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Serving the community

The construction of the facility will create hundreds of union jobs. The renewable diesel Valley Green Fuels will produce will directly benefit Kern County and adjacent areas as the products will sell within 100 miles radius of the facility. In addition, the carbon credits generated will advance California’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of fuels used in the transportation industry. This project has a broad and significant impact for California. The use of renewable diesel will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases versus petroleum diesel. Smog forming NOx will be reduced more than 300 metric tons per years. CO2 emissions will be reduced by two million tons per year.



  • Can fully replace fossil diesel in internal combustion engines
  • In contrast to biodiesels, high-level blends of renewable diesel (including 100%) are approved for use in diesel engines by vehicle manufacturers
  • Conventional biofuels are generally limited to 5-10% blends with fossil fuels, as higher shares would harm some car engines without additional adaptation
  • Renewable diesel faces no such “blending wall”
  • Renewable diesel can be solely produced with waste and residue products

What we're building

We will use the top technology providers to design our facilities

Energy Industry Veterans

David Hackett
Chief Executive Officer
41+ years in the industry


Stillwater Associates

Former Trading & Supply

Mobil Oil Corporation

U.S. Navy Pilot

Focus on Commercial & Regulatory Matters

Marshall “Bud” Bell
Chief Technical Officer
52+ years in the industry

Former General Manager

Champlin / Ultramar

Former Process Manager

Phillips 66 L.A. Refinery

Focus on Project Development, Process Engineering & Refining Operations

Jeff Oestmann
Chief Operating Officer
30+ years in the industry

Former President & CEO

East Kansas Agri-Energy

Former President & CEO

Soy Energy


Senior Manager, Risk Management, Bio Fuels

Marine Corps Veteran

Focus on commercial operations, risk management and strategy.

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